Garden and Grounds

Dick Speller
Loggia showing remaining part to be completed

Photo: Peter Gamble

The Essex Gardens Trust has awarded our project a grant of £10,000 towards completing the Loggia in the South Front Garden (Priory Garden). The greater part of the Loggia was reconstructed several years ago after we had obtained the return of six of the original stone columns and parts of the hardwood entablature. This earlier work was also supported by a grant of £10,000 from the Essex Heritage Trust. We have been unable to secure the return of the remaining four original columns as they have been incorporated into a garden temple elsewhere. Therefore we have had to commission four new Portland stone columns to match exactly the originals. This work should be completed this year. The back wall of the Loggia was originally fitted with carved teak panelling – sold off in the 1950s. It is proposed to fit a total of eight full-size painted plywood panels to the back wall on which can be displayed information about the Loggia, Glazed Corridor and Wintergarden. These three buildings, together with the South Front Garden form an integrated whole. The two panels either side of the entrance will be used to display information about the excellent work of the Essex Heritage Trust throughout Essex. The Essex Heritage Trust has been a great supporter of Copped Hall. Their two grants have contributed substantially to the restoration of the Loggia and so, as a consequence, we regard the whole Loggia as an Essex Heritage Trust project.