Risk Assesments for schools visiting Copped Hall


Public liability

The Copped Hall Trust is covered by Public Liability Insurance to the amount of £5 million. The Policy is with Argenta Syndicate at Lloyds (policy number B1230LC13109A17).

Food Safety and Hygiene

All food outlets operate in accordance with the Food Standards Agency recommended guidelines.

Teaching staff and other volunteers

All staff wear name badges for easy identification. All teaching staff are DBS checked. At least one member of the staff is First Aid trained, this will be clearly marked on their name badges.


The attraction has a dedicated gate team who open the site gate.


Vehicle traffic

Copped Hall grounds are closed to public vehicular traffic movement whilst open to the public. There is a designated drop off point for cars and coaches. There is no requirement for children to cross any public road. Pedestrian walkways are provided where possible.

Occasionally, workers’ vehicles may need access to the grounds. When they do, they will travel no faster than 5mph and have warning flashing lights on.

Appropriate clothing

Please dress for the changeable British weather. The house will often feel colder than the outside temperature, so please dress warmly and wear sensible flat footwear due to the undulation of the garden and uneven surfaces in the house. There are shaded areas provided throughout the garden for sunny weather.


The ratio of supervisors to students is never lower than 1:7.

Visitors to Copped Hall

School groups will be the sole visitors on the agreed date.

Water hazard

There is a pond in the Walled Garden. The pond is not more than one metre in depth. There is a lifebuoy and accompanying staff will have a throw-rope.

Slips / Trips / Falls

The following hazards should be noted:

  • Wet flooring / wet grounds
  • Uneven flooring
  • Steps and stairs

Care must be taken when walking around the house and gardens.

Reduced Lighting

The lighting in the cellars may seem somewhat reduced compared to those rooms above ground.

Enclosed spaces

The ceilings in the cellars are lower and to some individuals these may feel confined. However no area in Copped Hall can be defined as a confined space.


Arrival arrangements

The Lodge Gate on Crown Hill will be opened by one of the gate team. Visitors will then drive approximately a mile to the house. The drop off / pick up point is situated at the front of the house. Teachers and teaching assistants may park their vehicles here. Parents are expected to just drop off and pick up. School parties will be greeted by one of the education department volunteers and escorted to the school room. .


There is ample car / coach parking facilities available for teachers and teaching assistants.

First Aid

A First Aider will be with the group at all times. First Aid equipment is available at various locations around the house and gardens.

Fire Safety

In the event of an emergency please follow all evacuation procedures as instructed by the staff.

Wheelchair access

At the moment, Copped Hall is not accessible by wheelchair. If any visitors have a mobility issue, please inform us when booking, so that we can advise as the suitability of our venue.

Children’s medical needs

The Copped Hall Trust needs to be informed of any child’s specific medical requirements prior to visiting. Children requiring epipens, or similar, will need to be accompanied by a qualified member of staff. Copped Hall reserves the right to refuse any child because of medical issues.

Eating facilities

Copped Hall will provide a cold drink and biscuits at break for the students. However, lunch is NOT provided. There are adequate picnicking facilities within the grounds and undercover.

Welfare facilities

Toilets and men’s urinals are available in the house. Whilst adequate breaks will be given, a child may request a toilet visit at any time. Children will be accompanied to the toilets.

Additional costs

There is a Copped Hall shop on site, we suggest a maximum amount of £5.00 per student.

The purpose of this document is to enable schools / groups to use the information provided for the development of visit risk assessments in order to satisfy the obligations placed by the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. The above hazards have been identified as being inherent to this attraction. The Copped Hall Trust does not accept liability for any omissions to this list.