The Trust has charitable status and was established in 1993 to achieve the following objectives:

1. To acquire the freehold of Copped Hall, its gardens and other related parts in order to permanently protect them under benign ownership.

2. To implement the Trust's restoration and conservation policies (in both concept and detail) for the mansion, ancillary buildings, gardens, walled garden and grounds.

3. To establish uses that, by their very nature, contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the place. These uses would include archive, museum, study centre, exhibition, recitals and associated activities.

4. To allow a degree of community use together with pre-arranged controlled public access.

Our Postal Address

Copped Hall Trust
Stables Courtyard,
Copped Hall, Crown Hill,
Epping, CM16 5HS

Chairman: Alan Cox

Trust Secretary: Vic Knope

Other Trustees: Richard Caterer, Philip McKinder, Richard Speller

Finance Manager & Assistant Secretary Greville Norman

Chairman of the Trust Report

My very best wishes to all the Friends of Copped Hall Trust during these challenging times. My thoughts are with you and I hope you are all OK. In terms of the capability of the Trust to survive without events income, it is important to remember, firstly, that the Trust owns the freehold and has no debts. Secondly, we have no paid employees and so the overheads of the project are very low. Of course, any new works are dependent on grants, donations and your continued support. Perhaps another point to remember is that Copped Hall was only saved for the community by an extraordinary optimism - coupled with a hard sense of reality. These factors remain very much in evidence as I write.

The 25th anniversary of the purchase of Copped Hall by the Trust occurs on 30th June this year. If it were not for the coronavirus we would have held a modest celebration. On the 21st anniversary we had a celebration for key people who assisted with the saving of Copped Hall. On the 20th anniversary we celebrated with all the volunteers. On the 10th anniversary we all walked across the fields to a thanksgiving service at Epping Upland church. The saving of Copped Hall started in 1986 and is held up nationally as model case of how a local community can save a much loved historic site from commercial development.

Alan Cox