This large glass domed structure was constructed in 1895-7 at the same time as the northern wing of the house. Reached by a glazed corridor from the South Room of the Mansion, it was equipped with a large circular lily pond and filled throughout with exotic trees, plants and statuary. It had its own boiler room feeding hot water pipes that ran beneath the floor to maintain the conditions required by the specimen plants. Although it survived the fire in 1917, it was finally abandoned in WWII, succumbed to the asset stripping of the 1950s and dynamited by the Territorial Army in 1960. Although the Trust intends to fully restore this building in the long term, an Intermediate restoration is being carried out to allow visitor access, including wheelchair users. This will include the restoration of the circular pond, the fallen corner and supporting brickwork, partial rendering of the walls and the creation of flower beds and other details. The underground rainwater cisterns have already been cleaned out and covered over. It is hoped that this, together with the restored loggia and Priory Garden, will provide a new and interesting feature for our visitors.