The Course is comprised of 3 separate study days, each day building on the knowledge gained in the previous sessions. Students should be able to attend all 3 days.

Part 1   Sunday 5 June 9am – 1pm
Part 2   Saturday 11 June 9am – 4pm
Part  3   Saturday 19 June 9am – 4pm

Each study day will begin promptly at 9.30am.


£195per person covering the 3 Days of the course.


The course will be held in the Ground Floor of the Mansion and in the Gardens. The Gardens are undulating/uneven lawn surfaces with few paths, all on a sloping site, currently unsuitable for wheelchair users.


This intensive practical course will enable beginner beekeepers to choose and use equipment, set up an apiary, learn seasonal colony management, harvest honey and prepare healthy bees for winter. The two tutors, Eric Beaumont and Robin Harman, have twenty-five years of experience working with bees and teaching the art of beekeeping. Between them they run over 200 colonies, and membership of Epping Forest Beekeepers’ Association and the Bee Farmers’ Association which  gives them a broad understanding of contemporary beekeeping.

The 3 day course will comprise 3 Sessions.

Session 1: The Nuts and Bolts
At this meeting you will understand what to expect from beekeeping, how to set up an apiary, buy equipment and bees, and manage a colony. We will illustrate basic honeybee biology, describe a beekeeper’s seasonal work and you will be given a copy of the Haynes Bee Manual, an essential beginner guide.

Sessions 2 & 3: Practical Work &  Inside Hives
On two consecutive weekend days we will spend much of the time inside hives, putting into practice the theory learned so far. You will light a smoker, familiarise yourself with the use of equipment and tools, identify the elements of a colony and learn techniques to work effectively. We will demonstrate the management of swarming and wintering, the recognition of pests and disease, and discuss the seasonal work necessary for you to keep bees successfully and confidently.

Bring a packed lunch for the two full day sessions. Refreshments will be provided on all days.

Please wear long-sleeved clothing, trousers and wellingtons or sturdy boots. Do not wear perfume, drink alcohol, eat bananas or work with animals prior to attending.  Protective beekeeping clothing will be supplied. This event is weather dependent and if there is a postponement, an alternative day will be offered. 

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Eric Beaumont on 07941 776798 or Robin Harman on 07971 237312

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